Seemingly out of nowhere, Las Vegas based multi-instrumentalist Sean Roberto burst onto the scene in early 2020 with his self-produced debut EP, “Smile in the Dark”. Mature, honest, and deeply personal, the project offered a modern take on the classic alt-rock sounds of the eighties and nineties, and displayed Sean’s songwriting abilities front-and-center. Incredibly, he started playing music just six months earlier. Using nothing but online tutorials, Sean learned how to play nearly every instrument heard on the EP, as well as how to arrange and produce each track himself.

Sean’s lyrics come from the perspective of an outsider – someone who never properly fit in and always had to discover new music on his own. It became Sean’s greatest passion; he fell in love with the music of David Bowie, The Beatles, and alt-rock bands like Oasis, Nirvana, and The White Stripes. Deep down, he always knew he wanted to write his own songs, but never knew where to start. In the meantime he tried his hand at a number of other career paths, including videography, pro wrestling writing, and professional sports betting.

Portrait of Sean Roberto

After attending a Paul McCartney concert in June 2019, something finally clicked for him. Racing home, Sean downloaded a free trial of Pro Tools and started learning the ins and outs of songwriting. On January 14, 2020, after six months of non-stop work, “Smile in the Dark” was officially released online. Backed by the cavernous single “One Last Try”, the project racked up several thousand plays on SoundCloud within less than a month of its release. 

After his genre-blending debut, Sean Roberto hopes to continue developing his style and sound moving forward. In addition to releasing new songs and collaborative tracks, he is now focused on building a loyal fanbase and turning his former hobby into a live tour.